Kadante Ferrer was born directly into the martial arts way of life. He took his first steps at his family’s martial arts studio, and by the age of 18 months he had performed and broke a board for the first time. He began his formal training at 4 years old and has earned Black Belts in two systems. He has trained in multiple martial arts and movement styles including; Tae Kwon Do, Eskrima, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Krav Maga, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Kobudo, and Tricking.


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     Kadante has trained at places like XMA HQ in North Hollywood, CA. (XMAHQ.com) and the White Lotus in Northridge, CA. (Now "JAM" JoiningAllMovement.com). He has worked with professional stuntmen, stuntwomen, stunt choreographers, and was even given the opportunity to add some Hip Hop Martial Arts flare to the Netflix movie "Battle B-Boy."
      He credits much of his Hip Hop & Bboy (breakdance) education with his time spent with the "Soul Fresh Fam" crew founded and led by Ricky Cole (World of Dance/Mos Wanted Crew). Kadante has also taken extensive workshops & classes at dance studios such as The Millennium Dance Complex and Debbie Reynolds in North Hollywood, CA.
     He trained in Tahitian, Samoan and other Polynesian dance styles with Polynesian Performing Arts group "Nonosina (CA)" and has performed with them at numerous shows in Southern + Northern CA. , and at the Waikiki Shell in Honolulu Hawaii. He studied Samoan Fire-knife under Master Instructor Mel Liufau of Nonosina and competed in the 2008 World Fire-Knife Competition.
   Kadante currently choreographs and teaches as a lead instructor for Hip Hop Martial Arts, In the Flow Studios, PaaMano Eskrima & Performing Arts, and Kadan Martial Arts.

​​​     HHMA will teach you drills and techniques used by professional stuntmen, martial artists, free runners, and dancers/breakdancers.  The HHMA classes incorporate exercises and movements from many different styles which will help your body awareness in many ways (directly and indirectly.)  The main goal of the HHMA weekly classes is to improve your skills in dance and martial arts.  As well as to introduce and practice freestyle movements + exercises.  To paraphrase Musashi “in order to master anything, you must learn to master many things.”  With this principle HHMA incorporates high level skills from many different styles. 

     Hip Hop Martial Arts intends to benefit both novice and advanced movers through its eclectic movements and "UrbMonk" philosophy.  If you're interested in more information please feel free to ask questions, visit our other pages or pay us a visit @ our location in West Garden Grove.  Thank you!